about us

About Us

HML Law Group & Consultants and HML XAT Consulting Co., Ltd (HML) were founded among the first professional firms in Cambodia by three partners; namely Mrs. Hun Kimleng, Ms. Mao Samvutheary and Ms. Kang Leap who have prominent minds in commercial, legal and tax fields. They have been providing services that adhere to international and high professional standard for decades.

After its inception, HML has rapidly earned reputation as being a leading firm in Cambodia. HML gained trust from major national and international corporations for advising in their business transactions from preliminary stage, operational stage, and defending their business interest at court; furthermore, HML serves both Cambodian nationals and foreign individuals as well as NGOs and charitable entities in their legal and tax needs in compliance with laws and regulations in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

To better serve our clients in cross-border transactions, personal matters and disputes at regional level; HML, together with nine highly-reputed law firms in South East Asian nations, found the ASEAN Legal Alliance (ALA), a true ASEAN wide legal network. On global level, HML is a member of Prae Legal, a vast network of well-established 252 law offices in 142 countries. HML ensures that differences of geography, cultures, languages and legal systems are not the barriers for the success of its clients.

Our Global Network

HML is a Legally independent member firm of:

Prael Legal Network, a global legal and consulting network of more than 100 independent law firms all around the world, which is rapidly growing.

ASEAN Legal Aliance (ALA), a network of law firms operating in ten ASEAN member countries to provide a truly ASEAN legal network.